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Kingdom Of Learning

Character development takes center stage in a child’s growth at My Little Kingdom

My Little Kingdom stemmed from the vision of our Principal, Ms Yvonne Yeo. Her vision for good moral education helped to design the school’s methodology for an enriching preschool journey. 

We believe that while academic success and being smart is important, inculcating good morals and the right values—things that will follow through to your child lives—are just as essential to their development. 

At our preschool, the credo of ‘children come first’ is embraced. The uniqueness of every child is emphasised by creating a patient and nurturing environment that allows the child to feel at ease and cared for.

Yvonne Yeo

Founder, Principal

Our moral values and character development

Our Values

Our preschool emphasize on a child’s development as an integral part of their holistic growth through our moral values.

Helping Others

My Little Kingdom encourages helping others, looking for ways to help others & doing things for others without expecting anything in return because the individual cares.

Respectful to others

Teaching our children how to respect others will ensure they develop positive human relationships throughout their life.

Friendly and polite

We help your child develop positive social skills from an early age. Learning important life skills, understanding the importance of sharing and listening to each other.


Having the “I can do it” attitude, children become more confident and self-assured as they learn and complete new tasks.

Caring and thoughtful

Caring for others and have compassion, children whom are egocentric will develop good social awareness as they grow older.

Accolades of Excellence

Our stellar track record

Best in Character Development Preschool Award 2021/22
Best in Character Development Preschool Award 2020
Best in Character Development Preschool Award 2019
Best in Character Development Preschool Award 2018