Hear From the Parents

Hear From Our Parents


Children attended from 3 to 6 years old. I am very grateful to be able to learn English and Chinese here. Also, meeting wonderful teachers and making many non-Japanese friends was a lifelong experience for my children. When I come back from My Little Kingdom, I always… see children happily talking about the day’s events, and I think it’s a really good kindergarten. Even when my parents were new to Singapore and were unfamiliar with English, they were very kind and polite in telling me about the situation at the kindergarten. If you are worried about choosing a kindergarten in Singapore, My Little Kingdom is recommended.

Valencia Khoo

The team of teachers and principal are always encouraging and motivating the daughter to do her best. The lunches and tea break served are always nutritious and interesting. I remember my girl wasn’t speaking a word when she first joined at 18mo and… falling quite a lot behind her peers. Within a few months she was singing and trying to communicate to us. She is now such a chatterbox! We will always be grateful to the team at MLK for their sincerity, patience and most importantly how they always place the students’ interest at their top priority

Joshua Tan

My 2 children are with MLK for almost a year now. PG and K2. Just wanted to compliment how dedicated and caring the teachers have been. You can see through their patience and dilligence when interacting with the children. Excellence in pre-schooling… comes with resillient teachers who give their heart in nuturing every child. It’s not easy but I can see the passion in each and every teacher in class, everyday spurring on the kids. Education is also top-notched. With MOE syllabus and sufficient homework and knowledge transfer, my K2 has grown so much with her reading. If you live around the area, MLK is the one and only choice. Rest assured that your child will be very well taken care off. -Happy parent of 2 MLK kids

Wee Nee Lee

I would highly recommend My Little Kingdom (MLK) to anyone who is choosing a pre-school for your little one, especially if you are living in the Jalan Jurong Kechil or West Coast areas. My son, who is in P1 this year, had the good fortune of attending MLK from… toddler class all the way to K2. MLK had just opened its doors opposite where we were staying back in 2017 and we were immediately charmed by its warm, welcoming and positive vibes as well as the skilful and engaging ways in which the principal and teachers interacted with our boy. ❤️ True enough, MLK became a second home to our boy. Under his teachers’ loving guidance and patient care, as well as the myriad of learning activities that catered to the children’s different talents and dispositions, my son blossomed into a curious, confident and eager learner whom much to our great surprise, transitioned very well into P1 this year. Thank you MLK for sparing no efforts in nurturing our little (now not so little) one, and doing many many small things with great love. ❤️ Thank you for making such a positive difference to your young charges, and working tirelessly and passionately to create a safe and loving home away from home for them.

Tricia Tay

Both my boys had a most memorable and enriching experience with MLK! The teachers there are very caring towards the children and would constantly plan fun and exciting activities to keep the children engaged such as cookery, outdoor and themed activities… MLK also inculcates important core values such as mindfulness, respect and courtesy etc. My boys thoroughly enjoyed their preschool education and I would strongly recommend MLK to parents!

Lionel Lim

My son attended pre school at My Little Kingdom and he has just progressed to primary one. It was one of his best experiences in his growing up years as you can just see the shine in his smile whenever he is back from MLK and talks non stop about the stuff he did in school.. and the school mates he had. Most importantly, he had such great teachers that encourages him and build his confidence. Special mention to Principal Yvonne for his commitment, dedication and passion. She does everything with a heart and how the children adores her is a testament of how close she is to her “children” in MLK. I highly recommend MLK as the staff are all dedicated, environment is clean and the curriculum build character on top of academic preparation for Primary One. Keep up the good work Principal Yvonne and her team. And thanks for giving my son such a fantastic journey.

Jia Lang

Dear Ms Yvonne Yeo and Teachers, After watching the camping footage of my son Enxi and his classmates, may I share with you some of my thoughts. First and foremost, I would like to say congratulations to you all. it is a very successful camping event. Enxi and his classmates did have fun and learn a lot. However it is not only a simple excursion or holiday retreat. As I can see teachers really designed a very meaningful and classical itinerary, from library to food court, from water park to supermarket, which covers almost all important scenes in our life. most importantly, kids were learning and being taught how to be social and emotional beings during this camping. I had never expected Enxi could receive education like this, which could be his most precious childhood or preschool experience and memory. one more time, let me take this chance to say thank you, ms yvonne’ s team, your pedagogical concept is fantastic and successful, your dedications to early childhood education are enormous and laudable! Good job! K2 Enxi’s Father Lang Jia

Elena Hoon

My Little Kingdom (“MLK”) has proven itself that it is more than just an ordinary preschool. MLK has a team of dedicated, responsible and passionate teachers/ staff. My son enjoys himself in school and looks forward to participate in the various school activities. We are very happy to be part of the MLK family.