Dear Ms Yvonne Yeo and Teachers, After watching the camping footage of my son Enxi and his classmates, may I share with you some of my thoughts. First and foremost, I would like to say congratulations to you all. it is a very successful camping event. Enxi and his classmates did have fun and learn a lot. However it is not only a simple excursion or holiday retreat. As I can see teachers really designed a very meaningful and classical itinerary, from library to food court, from water park to supermarket, which covers almost all important scenes in our life. most importantly, kids were learning and being taught how to be social and emotional beings during this camping. I had never expected Enxi could receive education like this, which could be his most precious childhood or preschool experience and memory. one more time, let me take this chance to say thank you, ms yvonne’ s team, your pedagogical concept is fantastic and successful, your dedications to early childhood education are enormous and laudable! Good job! K2 Enxi’s Father Lang Jia